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This journal serves as a collection for all the problematic things Oppa (and Unnie) have done/said. With receipts.
It doesn't judge the fans of these Idols or even Kpop as a whole. It is simply meant as collection for aware fans.
You can still be a fan of Oppa/Unnie. How?
Are you going to add Rap Mon using the n-word in the Shinhwa performance?

Yes, i will! I also have a few more submissions to post (I did not forget~)

I need to find the time to sit down and work on this blog. 

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▷ [Sunny]

In the first episode “Girls’ Generation’s Hello Baby” Sooyoung asks Sunny if she could hold Kyungsan (the baby) and Sunny replied “It seems that Kyungsan dont like big and dark things” (Refering to Sooyoung)

Thanks for the submission!


You could honestly spend your time doing much more useful stuff

you too

this blog is really great, could you update some of the tags though? like minho was also involved in the cultural appropriation stunt that onew did but he isn't listed. also when it comes to exo baekyun has made fun of kai's skin color just like chanyeol and others have but he isnt listed. Jonghyun of shinee has also done some messed up things but he's not listed as well. not trying to be annoying just wanted to let you now of some things to keep the tags up to date.

except for what jongyhun of shinee has done i’m aware of the things you listed but haven’t been able to compile a new post or been able to find a photo of minho in that getup.

as for jonghyun, if you know what he did, submit it. submit the other stuff as well if you have it. that would be more helpful than an ask like this. thank you~

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Aron's apology is a total joke, ide. from the sounds of it he does not even know what it is to be sexist. So i doubt he learn

Yeah, ia. I like to pretend i’m neutral in my posts but I couldn’t help but put “apologized”. I’m not going to tag that as an apology either because it really wasn’t one.

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▷ [Rain]

The musicvideo for Rain’s song “LA Song” features the caricature of a black woman’s body as a shadow on the wall whose boobs and buttocks expand comically.


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▷ [Aron]

On Arirang Radio Aron made the followwing comment:

"That’s why guys are superior. To be fair - this is my opinion, don’t take it offensively or anything but I think guys make better friends than girls. Girls - you guys are hot, you guys are pretty, you guys are good to look at, but like…you like to gossip a lot"

He later “apologized”:

"just postin a random photo to clear some things out. first off, I apologize to anyone who was offended by my comment. I am in no way, shape, or form a sexist, and never will be. I love women, all the power to you. but there are quite a few people misinterpreting what I meant and taking my words out of context. take the time to listen to the recordings. if you did, you’d probably know I was joking and that I was talkin about FRIENDSHIP, not sexism. like I said, those words weren’t meant to hurt anyone or target a specific group/gender, and I’m sincerely sorry if they did. so quit the fightin, stop bashin on each other, and live your lives. cuhs imma keep livin mine. life is too short to be fussin over little things like this. just some of my insight. hope y’all have a good night !#nuest#aron#apology#sorry#donttakemywordsoutofcontext#notasexistandneverwillbe"

source of apology

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answering asks

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▷ [Onew]

During the Shinee Concert the Wizard on 21-12-13 Onew performed dressed up as… a mexican stereotype.

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▷ [Key, Taemin]

Check out this video of Key, Taemin and Jonghyun on Sukira. What starts out as a funny situation where Kai torpedoes Taemin’s friendship speed quiz ends somewhat skeezily; Key knocks both Taemin and Kai for having ‘dark skin’ during their trainee days.

Source @ 2:34

Thank you for the submission!! Right before that Taemin says something about Kai’s dark skin too so i’m adding this as well.