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This journal serves as a collection for all the problematic things Oppa (and Unnie) have done/said. With receipts.
It doesn't judge the fans of these Idols or even Kpop as a whole. It is simply meant as collection for aware fans.
You can still be a fan of Oppa/Unnie. How?

▷ [Kyung]

Kyung’s pre-debut disstracks are a mess of repeated misogyny and ableism.

Here is the text:

“You’re the one that spread your legs like a prostitute
And now that a guy named Holke starts banging you,
You want to run away to Hong Kong?”
“I’m going to fuck your girl if you don’t develop your own style.”
“The quality of your skills is as cheap as a prostitute’s.”


“You’re like a disabled child begging for attention.”

source currently down i’ll try to find a new one