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This journal serves as a collection for all the problematic things Oppa (and Unnie) have done/said. With receipts.
It doesn't judge the fans of these Idols or even Kpop as a whole. It is simply meant as collection for aware fans.
You can still be a fan of Oppa/Unnie. How?

▷ [Hoya]

From Infinites 10Asia Interview shortly after debut:

"The name of the dance team I used to be in was ‘BK’. The letters stood for ‘Black Korean’. Because African-Americans have good physical bodies, good elasticity/flexibility during dancing, and good vibrations while singing, I was jealous and purposely went to go eat hamburgers with my hyungs who danced and learned slang that African-Americans use.

It was to the point that once during puberty, I asked my mom, ‘Why aren’t I African-American?’. My mom’s answer? ‘Because I’m not African-American.’”


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